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Continuing their journey north, Lawrence and Holo stop in the village of
Tereo in hopes of finding a local abbey where they might uncover more
information regarding the fate of Holo's ancient home, Yoitsu. Soon
after their arrival, though, the companions are caught up in a local
dispute between Tereo and the neighboring town of Enberch that could
cost Lawrence and Holo both their fortunes and their lives! With the
Wisewolf's help, can Lawrence devise a way to save an entire town from
ruin - and his skin and that of his traveling companion in the process?

Spice and Wolf, Vol. 4 - Isuna Hasekura, Ju Ayakura

R$ 77,54 Preço normal
R$ 38,77Preço promocional
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  • Capa comum

    Idioma: Inglês

    256 páginas

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