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Victoria Aveyard’s medieval saga is now available in this complete volume. The complete Red Queen Series complies over 2,400 pages at an incredible price. In a society in which people are segregated based on the color of their blood, the Reds fight to survive under the control of the silver-blooded super humans that have terrible powers and exert complete control over the world. When a Red, Mare Barrow, is discovered to have the same powers as the Silvers, she is taken to their world, where she discovers that power is a treacherous ally, and betrayal is to be expected.

Serie Reina Roja - Victoria Aveyard

R$ 564,00 Preço normal
R$ 282,00Preço promocional
  • Por se tratar de uma organização social, não será realizado a devolução de produtos.

  • Capa comum

    Idioma: Espanhol

    2416 páginas

    Dimensões: 30.48 x 14.48 x 43.18 cm

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